Philippine healers are coming to the Esoterika fair

We would like to draw your attention to the biggest autumn festival of beauty, life style and spiritual development. The Interbeauty, Esoterika and Biostyl fairs are taking place in Incheba Expo Bratislava from 4th to 6th of October 2012, bringing a chance to become more beautiful, healthier and satisfied. 

From hundreds of opportunities and interesting programs we would like to point out the exquisite chance to get to know the Philippine healing methods. This kind of technique is unique and beyond the understanding of science, yet very effective. That also might be the reason for the many misbelieves that surrounds it.

Despite the fact that we are talking about healing physical problems, these methods are more about “psychic surgery”, spiritual healing that is always accompanied by heritage. While the scholastic allopathic medicine is aimed directly at the illness and its´ diagnosis in terms of symptoms, the spiritual healing seeks the approach to the deeper cause of the illness and is based on the positive idea of health. Health represents a natural state of the human body and soul. We can keep it by living in a deep harmony with our own self and the world around us. The ever hectic times we live in make it no easier for us. The power of the spiritual healing lies in its connection to the spiritually divine origin of all being. Philippine healers are deeply religious and their faith enables them to heal. During every “operation” they are only mediators, canals through which the power flows to their hands. They are able to penetrate into the body using their bare hands and pull out all the harmful energy. Such “operation” is appropriate as a preventive healing as well, because our body is very often assaulted by negative energies. Their removal means that the illness will never brake out. Religious or spiritual healing works for the most of the recently well known illnesses, even for those that allopathic medicine cannot deal with. Most of the psychic or genetic illnesses have karmic cause, thus the spiritual healer is able to help through the higher level and plead for a mercy for the patient.         

How does it look like in practice? Patient lies down on a treatment table; the healer feels the energy, does not diagnose, just feels and knows. That is the reason why bringing the names of illnesses and medical reports with you is not necessary. The healer connects and starts, following the directions “from above”, to eliminate the block. Instead of them, the healer provides healing energies, that means the results might not appear instantly – there are people with slower process and people with quick process of the healing. There are also cases when the treatment must be repeated. The spiritual treatment success rate is very high, because the healer works with the energies in favor of the people and people can preserve these healing energies.

Do you want to learn more about this mystic healing method? Note the term 4th to 6th of October, 2012 and come to Incheba Expo Bratislava that is hosting a trio of fairs Interbeauty, Esoterika and Biostyl. Philippine healers have promised to participate in this event.