Exposition area


Bratislava makes a perfect place for business meetings. The former Ugrian kings´ crown town locates itself near Vienna and Budapest and is easily accessible by airplane, railroads or motor cars. With rich cultural life, architectural attractions, quality services and people, Bratislava is a booster in industry developing.

The right bank of Dunaj is of great importance for the history of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The first European public park is situated there, near by adjoined with the first summer open theatre Arena. Later on, the biggest housing estate in Slovakia was built there. The restaurant Bystrica, with its´ location right on the top of one of the Dunaj bridges column, creates an interesting view as well. Today, the title of the most dominating building mainly belongs to the fair centre Incheba Expo Bratislava.


Incheba Expo Bratislava is a modern trade fair centre with a complex background in spirit of the sign „All Under One Roof“. Its attractiveness is increased even more by its location in the middle of the city, making it approachable to all visitors. There is 60.000 m2 of an indoor exhibition area and 40.000m2 of an outdoor area available, which enables anyone to create a trade fair or an event of any kind. The last decade was an important era for the fair grounds development, with new modern premises for meetings, discussions and presentations being built.