Event Full of Excitement and Innovation

The summer pause in fair and exhibition calendar was filled by an exceptional event realized for Nissan Europe company. On the occasion of introducing new models Nissan Note and Nissan Micra, Nissan Europe company has chosen Bratislava to be the host town for the two-month long event and Incheba to be the venue and supplier for most of the technical realization for its Innovation & Excitement event.

Internal staff of Nissan Europe, concession directors, investors, retailers and journalist, together more than 10 000 people from all over the Europe have attended the spectacular event during its course. The exhibiting area was transformed into brand new modern rooms with complicated technical and creative details. The visitors of Innovation & Excitement event were starting their stay in Bratislava with lunch in modern lounge or external tent in case of nice weather. Then the individual groups were lead to educational workshops of different orientation, test drives and show during which the brand new car models, that are going to come into production in few months, were introduced. In evening hours the visitors returned to Incheba premises for a dinner in exclusive dining room furnished in the big city style.

Innovation & Excitement event was exceptional not only for Incheba Expo Bratislava, but also for the capital city of Bratislava, as it had a positive impact on tourism in form of accommodation and restaurant facilities utilization.   

Nissan  Nissan

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