We dedicate Oral Health Day to children

The World Health Organization declared the 12th September for the World Day of Oral Health. Oral health constitutes of healthy teeth and surrounding tissues, that means caries-free teeth and healthy gums and periodontium. Caries, gingivitis and periodontal inflammation are the most common chronic infectious diseases. Prevention is vital especially amongst the children since their birth. Oral hygiene is essential – removal of bacterial plaque as the main cause of these diseases.

We would like to invite all the mothers with their children to the Incheba Expo Bratislava on 28th September, when the program will be aimed at the children teeth in the first place. Under the auspices of the World Day of Oral Health, children, their parents and teachers will be given an opportunity to master the principles of dental care seeing that it also means a great investment in the future. Despite of the many discussions and information on this topic, the statistics on the teeth decay of the Slovak children are alarming. In addition, the oral cavity problems can later lead to many serious diseases. Be examples to your children; help them overcome the fear from dentists while doing something useful for the oral health of your family. During the upcoming event, the children will be playfully taught how to take care about their set of teeth, they will be given an opportunity to let their teeth be checked and furthermore, they will compete for beautiful prices. For adults we have prepared various questions like: When to start cleaning the teeth of a child, how to clean it during various age periods, for how long it is necessary to help the child with its teeth and when it is appropriate to visit the dentist.

The teeth check can be undergone by adults as well.

Organizers of the event:

Slovak Chamber of Dentists

The Public Health Authority of Slovak Republic

Slovak Red Cross

Slovak Association of Dentistry Students



Regional Office of the World Health Organization

High School of Health, Záhradnícka, Bratislava