Oral Health Day for Children

Beautiful and healthy teeth require regular and thorough care. It is very important that parents should teach their children the proper care about their teeth since very young age, as conscientious care about baby teeth is a prerequisite to a healthy set of teeth in adulthood. All parents as well as teachers with children are thus invited to Slovak Dental Days in Incheba, where part of the program will be dedicated especially to children teeth.

Within an event under the World Oral Health Day children will learn through funny activities how to take care about their teeth and also will have a chance to compete for interesting prizes. For adults we prepared a free consultancy on how to lead their children to proper oral care, when and how to clean your child’s´ teeth, when it is the best time for a first visit at the dentist or how to take care about teeth of children with diabetes. Do not miss the Slovak Dental Days from 25th to 27th September and program for children that will take place in Incheba on 26th September 2014.