Reading with Children

On appropriate selection of books for children, troubles with concentration, patience and everything connected with reading – all these information will be provided in the advice center for parents that will be available during the whole course of Book Fair. In which many ways do the book characters enrich us and what role do they play in the life of a child? All the answers for these questions will be given by Swedish expert in area of psychotherapy Gunilla Ekman in her seminary.

Children will be allowed to fully enjoy themselves in the rest zone and showcase their talent in literary and art workshops. The actress Lucia Hurajová, author Daniel Hevier, singers Lucia LužinskáI and Miro Jaroš and many others will entertain children and read for them in fairytale workshop “Mummy, Daddy, Read with Us”. The workshop will be lead by teacher of Fine Arts Alena Niklasová. Let your kids enjoy the books free to borrow from the children library. During the whole course of the fair parents will be allowed to use the Fairytale Workshop as a children playground.

Rozprávková dielňa pre detičky  Rozprávková dielňa pre detičky