Traveling and Gastronomy Will Open the 2014 Fair Season in Incheba

We will start the New Year in Incheba in a truly grandiose style – two biggest international fairs ITF SLOVAKIATOUR and DANUBIUS GASTRO will open its gates from 30th January till 2nd February 2014 and offer visitors a rich display of products and services from tourism, gastronomy, food market and hotel business areas.

ITF SLOVAKIATOUR will celebrate its 20th jubilee and provide the visitors with complex service for discovering and enjoying the beauty of Slovakia and all the corners of the world, at the same time being a place for presentation of each subjects and development of tourism.

The fair gives every visitor a perfect chance to explore all Slovak regions and foreign and exotic countries, including Brazil, Cyprus, Egypt, Croatia, Jamaica, Morocco, Namibia, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Tunis and many more.

itf slovakiatour 2013

For the first time in history, the partner of the fair is not going to be a Slovak region, but foreign one. The Moravian-Silesian Region will prepare an interesting accompanying programme including a competition called “How Does Moravia-Silesia Taste”. Besides tasting of traditional regional dishes, the visitors will also compete for attractive tours and explore the world firsthand.

DANUBIUS GASTRO is a feast for all whose interest lies in gastronomy and hotel business. The fair brings a well-knit offer from these two areas raging from professional instrumentation equipment to furniture, food, drinks and packaging materials, business and promotion.

There are many things the visitors can look forward to this year – a rich and bright presentation of coffee and coffee makers, representation of domestic and foreign winemakers and many more. For the first time ever we are going to represent Portugal winemakers and will not miss the traditional world’s leading companies in bakery, confectionery and ice cream production. Heavy smokers will be given chance to test an interesting novelty – special cabins where they are freely allowed to smoke without people outside smelling any of it.

Do not forget, the ITF SLOVAKATOUR and DANUBIUS GASTRO fairs are here for you from 30th January to 2nd February 2014!