MODDOM Proved a Huge Interest in Furnishing Interiors – Final Press Release from 16/10/2016

There is a huge interest in furnishing, interior design and furniture nowadays, which was proved by the international fair of furniture MODDOM that took place in Incheba Bratislava and during its 5-days course (from 12th to 16th October) was visited by 56 729 people. MODDOM showed the newest trends in living and furnishing interiors, accessories for households, technology novelties and garden furniture. The area of 20,000 m2 presented 222 exhibitors from 9 countries.

Incheba provided all those interested in furnishing with a complete equipment for a home – a wide offer of leather and fabric sofas, kitchens from Slovak and foreign manufacturers, furniture for living rooms and bedrooms, designer lighting, carpets, wooden floors, fireplaces, furniture and accessories made of exotic wood, household appliances or saunas. This edition was exceptional also due to wide selection of beds and mattresses that enabled visitors to choose the most suitable solution and also consult their choice with professionals.

During the fair of furniture, lots of Slovak companies proved that domestic production guarantees a high quality. Slovak companies like Meuble, Decodom, Sosna, Nábytok Mirek, Kuchyne od Čvirika, HT Design, Finskka, Nasso, LPS Glass, Phase, Kulla and others proved they can easily compete with foreign companies with their production.

The Thursday 13th October in Moddom witnessed awarding of chosen exhibition stands and exhibits that stood out due to its material or technological processing or design. The MODDOM 2016 Award for exhibits went to companies Bronso (for innovative wireless lighting control), LB BOHEMIA (for orthopaedic mattress Orthopedic and VALLY NEW Bed), AMALTHEA (for simplicity and modular variability of the BL 102 sofa set), Viking Wellness Design (for exclusive custom made VALHALA sauna set), MPV events (for modern sculptural concept of embodying a hearth OFYR CLASSIC CHEF100-100), Róbert Čvirik MOZAIKA (for modern concept of kitchen set Adela). The MODDOM 2016 prize for exhibition stands went to DREWMAX PLUS S.C. (for presentation of exclusive furniture and home accessories), HT-design Central Europe (for presentation of exclusive furniture and home accessories) and DECODOM (for high quality kitchen sets, impressive historical meme through a retro kitchen and effective use of communication activities during preparation of the fair).

MODDOM not only displayed the current trends, it also linked the past with the present and future. Every day the exhibition centre witnessed samples of renovation of old furniture. The company Decodom brought a kitchen set that was produced since 1973 and belonged to more than 100,000 households. 

Art pieces that can make your home more pleasant and interesting were offered by the Art exhibition.