Modern Wooden Houses Could be Taller

Modern wooden houses could be the driving force for the wood industry in Slovakia – as was agreed upon by the participants of the session of the Wooden Houses section by the Association of Wood Processors of the Slovak Republic that took place on 29th June 2016 in Incheba Bratislava. Rudolf Urbanovič, Ministry of the Interior SR State Secretary and Jana Morávková, director of the fire prevention department of the Fire and Rescue Corps SR, informed on preparation of new technical standard that will enable construction of wooden buildings taller than what the recent standards allow.  

As was stated, all developed European countries allow wooden houses to reach at least four storeys. At the same time, more than 20-storey buildings from wooden construction material exist in these countries.

The session took place during preparations of another edition of the international fairs of construction and energy efficiency CONECO/RACIOENERGY that are accompanied by Wooden Houses, Passive Houses and Water exhibitions. The maximum possible finalization of domestic strategic raw materials is the primary objective of the member companies of the Association of Wood Processors SR and, as the president of the company Igor Patráš stated, it is important for Slovak wood processing industry to present itself at important national and foreign fairs and events.

As was mentioned by Jozef Regec, head of the civil service office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development SR, support of logging and final processing of Slovak wood by domestic producers is a part of the Government Manifesto. This measure should prevent undue export of unprocessed wood to foreign countries and create an added value for Slovak wood processing industry.