Antoinette – The Queen of France in Incheba

The last day of May in Incheba will belong to the original Czech musical Antoinette – The Queen of France that has been filling the auditorium of the Prague Hybernia theatre for two consecutive seasons. Get enchanted by the story of the last French queen that has been seen by more than 40 thousand spectators already. Ravishing music, libretto and lyrics of legendary authors, creative choreographies, grandiose scene and beautiful costumes are attracting all generations of spectators to the theatre.

The story takes place in the late 18th century during the reign of the Louis XVI of France. The rich France is filled by people living in poverty and the country faces a real threat of famine. The nation is rebelling and looking for a culprit which is later appointed by the leaders of the nation as the Marie Antoinette. Revolution breaks out, Bastille falls and the life of the French queen is in real danger...

The main characters will be played by Monika Absolonová, Roman Vojtek, Vladimír Marek, David Uličník, Jitka Jackuliak and Oldřich Kříž.