Visit Christmas paradise with your children

Children’s laughter will once again brighten the Christmas Days in Incheba. We have been preparing the Christmas Paradise that will bring many enjoyable activities and meetings with well-known people every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Children will be given an opportunity to lark on the playground, play various board games and meet skilful doggies and even dance. On 6th December, a very special visitor will show up – Mikuláš (St.Nicholas) with his two helpers, angel and devil, and a bag full of sweets and cakes. The weekend on 8th and 9th December will belong to those who love to play. The biggest festival of games, HRAtislava, will welcome the little ones just like teenagers and adults. The next weekend will be embellished by popular TV personalities and current stars of the music scene. The smallest kids will be amused by fairy Fíha with his friends.